Link Wednesday (9.20.17)

DIY Git Repository Server
I’ve used local git repositories to keep track of all my various python projects, but until recently I did not use any remotes. However, lately I’ve realized the advantage of increasing separation between my local/experimental branch and master. It really only took me 15 minutes or so to set up a git server on one of my Pis.  In doing so I looked at several tutorials but this was by FAR the best and most comprehensive.

Crontab Guru
Crontab isn’t hard to use. Or at least it shouldn’t be. But I find that every time I set up a new task I am wracked with doubts about the exact time it will be triggered. Why? I don’t know…the syntax is clear and I’ve used it for years. To make me feel better, however, some kind person made a website which will explain (in entirely unambiguous terms) what a particular crontab string  (i.e. */5 * * * *)  will do. It may be a silly safety blanket, but it has made me far happier while crontabbing.


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