WeMos D1 Mini First Impressions

Just got a $3 WeMos D1 Mini in the mail and I thought I would share a few very quick thoughts about it.

  1. This thing is tiny. It’s funny I knew it was small, but it still amazes me that you can squeeze effectively a small computer in the space of  a couple of postage stamps.
  2. The fit and finish seems pretty good for a $3 board. What an age we live in!
  3. Loading Micropython took longer than it should have but that may have been user error. This tutorial is pretty good.
  4. The LED turns on when the pin is low and off when the pin is high. Huh?
  5. Micropython is pretty awesome so far. I’m sure Arduino is more efficient but with 160 Mhz of process power and a couple of megs of space, I’m not worrying!
  6. Connecting with screen works but not picocom? Weirdness.
  7. The machine library in MicroPython is pretty handy, a good replacement for a lot of the Arduino built-ins.
  8. There is no consensus about how to capitalize Micropython. Is it micropython, Micropython, MicroPython, etc. This frustrates the copy editor in me.
  9. Wait… do I just pull the plug to turn this thing off? That feels wrong but I guess it is what I always did with my other ESP8266 boards… But it feels weird not to shut down something that has an interactive prompt.

Alright, those are some quick thoughts, more later.

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